How to navigate your way around the 24 Hour Party People DVDs ...
US DVD: How the menu maps out
Play Movie Plays the movie  
Scene selection Find scenes using pictures
Special Features Manchester The Movie The actors, Director, Tony Wilson etc talk about why this film about Manchester was made
  About Tony Wilson Actors etc discuss Tony Wilson
  Deleted Scenes Scenes that didn't make it into the final film. We haven't checked to see if these are the same scenes as on the UK DVD. However, unlike the UK DVD they are described in plain English.
  Commentary with the "real" Tony Wilson  
  Commentary with Steve Coogan and Andrew Eaton  
  Trailers Domestic Theatrical - ie the 24 Hour Party People trailer
    Other great MGM Releases - pictures of the covers of other MGM DVDs
  Photo gallery Still photos from the film
Subtitles English  
UK DVD1: How the menu maps out
24HRPP Plays the film  
The Scenes Scene Selection using enigmatic titles that don't describe the scenes. The US DVD has pictures which is much better
HOH A facility for the hard of hearing
Groovy Stuff Bizarre Love Triangle Tony Wilson Commentary
    Steve Coogan and Andrew Eaton commentary
  Sleeve Notes Who's Who in the film
  Unknown Pleasures Deleted Scenes. May be the same scenes as the US DVD. Each scene is given a clever title which doesn't describe it
  Pills n' Thrills and Bellyaches Interviews with:
Arthur Baker
Tony Wilson
Dave Haslam
Shaun Ryder
Jon Ronson
Mark Radcliffe
Peter Saville
This DVD also includes New Order "Here To Stay" video and 24 Hour Party People - original theatrical trailer but I can't find either of them
UK DVD2: How the menu maps out
From the Factory Floor - commentary A flim of Peter Hook, Rowenta, Bobby Langley, Martin Moscrop, Bruce Mitchell and Miranda Sawyer sat in a dark room watching the film and talking all the way through it. As they discuss the movie you can watch it on a small box at the bottom of the screen.
Portrait of a film maker - Michael Winterbottom A film about Michael Winterbottom
Peter Saville gallery Still pictures of Peter's artwork with Peter and Tony Wilson providing an audio commentary over the top.