Double LP released May 2004
Limited edition of 200 copies
Pressed on the following vinyl colours:
- transparent (orangey-)yellow / transparent greenish-yellow (there appear to be some colour differences between the various "yellow" copies!)
- transparent (orangey-)yellow / transparent green
- clear / clear
- transparent red / transparent red (pale red/pinkish colour)
- dark (purplish-)blue / dark (purplish-)blue
We've also seen a clear (LP1) / transparent red (LP2) version, although we're not sure if this version was released that way or if someone switched the LPs around, either by accident or deliberately.
We've also been informed of these seemingly different versions but we've never seen these ourselves.
- pale green / pale green
- pale blue / dark blue
- clear / marble

Plain black labels with a single letter in gothic typeface (A, B, C & D)
Matrix numbers:
Side A: IW 10740A-1
Side B: XXJD-B
Side C: XXJD-C
Side D: XXJD-D

Live: Live Cologne, Basement 15th January 1980


Atmosphere 24 Hours
Love Will Tear Us Apart A Means To An End
These Days She's Lost control
Insight The Sound Of Music

Glass Interzone
Day Of The Lords Disorder
Shadowplay Transmission
  Atrocity Exhibition

Features the complete concert.
This is not a high quality recording. Apparently the person who issued this release was at the concert.

The second LP was released in a new sleeve in 2017 as To the Centre of Koln Vol II