JOY DIVISION - A DARKNESS IN MY SOUL (2 x LP) EL TOPO 005 El Topo Records 1990

US double LP.
Various vinyl colours - so far we've seen the following sets: both LPs black, brown and red marbled, blue and yellow marbled, red and purple, yellow and blue, purple and yellow, grey marbled and purple marbled, green marbled and purple marbled, blue and purple.
Reissue of "Interzone" (disk 1) and "Failures" (disk 2).
Source: Studio.

All of this for you Transmission
Leaders of men Ice Age
They walked in line Interzone
Failures Warsaw
Novelty Shadowplay
No Love Lost  

You're No Good For Me Transmission
The drawback Shadowplay
Failures Leaders of men
Ice age Novelty
Interzone No love lost

"All Of This For You" = "The Drawback".

All the songs on this double LP are from the RCA sessions 3rd & 4th May 1978, apart from "You're No Good For Me" which is an early Warsaw demo from the Pennine Sound Studios session 18 July 1977.

Most of the songs on disc 1 are repeated in a different order on disc 2.