JOY DIVISION - AN IDEAL FOR KILLING (LP) Galaor Records SK 92037 2002

Spanish LP released 2002. Black and white pic sleeve. Available in black, red or white vinyl. Labels may be plain or have "Tension" and "Reaction" printed on either side.
Came with glossy 12" x 12" insert sheet with lyrics, pics and history of the band.
Matrix numbers (same on both colours of vinyl):
Source: live & studio.

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1 Inside The Line 8 Warsaw
2 Gutz 9 No Love Lost
3 At a later date 10 Leaders Of Men
4 The Kill 11 Failures
5 You're No Good For Me 12 Ice Age
6 At a later date (live) 13 Walked In Line
7 Novelty 14 The Kill (2)

Tracks 1 - 5 from the Warsaw Demo session, 18th July 1977.
Track 6 Live: Electric Circus, Manchester. Taken from the Short Circuit LP.
Track 7 from RCA sessions 3rd / 4th May 1978
Track 8 - 11 from Ideal For Living session, December 1977
Tracks 12 - 13 from RCA sessions 3rd / 4th May 1978
Track 14 from Unknown Pleasures session April 1979

A similar looking LP called Another Ideal For Killing was released in 2011.