THE VISITOR (7") R7 Demon Records 1987

Originally issued in a limited yellow sleeve (some with a photo insert see below) and reissued in a black and white sleeve (without photo insert).
Source: Live and TV - see below
Folder cover. Supposedly all numbered - but some aren't.

Front Cover Back Cover
Front Cover Back Cover
Thanks to Erik for the scans

Atrocity Exhibition Shadowplay

Some yellow sleeve copies (maybe all) have a photo insert

Atrocity Exhibition Live: The Basement, Cologne, January 15 1980.
Shadowplay recorded from the show "Granada Reports" on Granada TV September 20 1978.

This single has been released under different names as a 7" single and in box sets which contain multiple copies of the single. See Visitor Box Set, Atrocity Exhibition 7", Mater Dolorosa box set