From Joy Division To New Order - The Factory Story

First published: 1996
Publisher: Virgin Books

Written by Mick Middles.
The music journalist behind this story about Factory Records and the bands who recorded for that label (not just Joy Division and New Order like the title suggests) lived in Manchester during this period, so this is a first-hand account and would at first glance appear to be rather interesting as such.

The almost total lack of interesting photos is a great shame though, a book of this many pages could certainly do with some visuals. Unless you have a keen interest in all the various Factory bands that are covered in this book - a few "non-Factory" band are mentioned as well - you may find yourself skipping the odd chapter or two. 

Interesting in parts, but this is mainly for completists and hardcore Joy Division / New Order / Factory fans.

(Reprinted 2002 to coincide with
24 Hour Party People)

Factory - The Story Of The Record Label

Published 2009
Publisher: Virgin Books
ISBN: 978-0-7535-1825-0
"fully revised and updated", with a new chapter (July 2008)
452 pages

Reissue of "From Joy Division To New Order - The Factory Story", with a slightly different title and new cover design