Torn Apart: The Life Of Ian Curtis

Published: May 2006
400 pages
Publisher: Omnibus Press 
Hardback (first edition 4000 copies)
RRP £19.95
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Ian Curtis biography by Mick Middles / Lindsay Reade.
Includes a lot of previously unrecorded accounts from Ianís family and friends, including Annik Honore. Lots of information right from Ian's childhood up to his relationship with Annik, including transcripts of letters. This is the most comprehensive account of Ian's life so far - including previously unseen photographs.

This book is highly recommended by Joy Division Central

Linsday Reade and Mick Middles at book signing
May 2006 (C) Moist

Torn Apart book press release 2006: 

Cloaked in mystique, Joy Division's extraordinary vocalist Ian Curtis tragically took his own life in 1980, leaving just two haunting albums and a depleted band that would famously evolve into New Order. Over twenty-five years later, the cult surrounding Curtis shows no signs of fading. Researched through dozens of exclusive interviews with Curtis's family, school friends, Factory personnel, road crew and - uniquely - the girl whom Curtis fell in love with during the last year of his life. Torn Apart is the definitive biography of this iconic figure.

The authors of this new biography are uniquely qualified to tell the Ian Curtis story in full detail. Mick Middles was the first journalist to interview Joy Division for the music press and formed a close association with the band that continues to this day. Lindsay Reade was a co-founder of Factory Records along with her then-husband Tony Wilson, an active participant in the rise of Joy Division as well as a personal friend of Ian Curtis. Both Reade and Middles have continued to work in the Manchester music scene and their deep local knowledge informs this first full length biography which examines Curtis's life, work, relationships and the cultural environment in which he lived and died.

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Torn Apart: The Life Of Ian Curtis

Published: May 2007
Publisher: Omnibus Press 
£9.86 at Amazon

Paperback copy of the above.

No content changes from the hardback edition but a number of corrections and amendments have been made.

We believe this is a trade paperback, i.e. the same size as the hardback but with a soft cover.


Ian Curtis, L'‚me damnťe de Joy Division

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Publisher: Camion Blanc
ISBN: 978-2-910196-83-7

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Ian Curtis. La vita e i Joy Division

Published: 2011
Publisher: Odoya
ISBN-10: 8862880898
ISBN-13: 978-8862880893

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В смятении. Жизнь Иэна Кёртиса

Published: 2019
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ISBN 978-5-7584-0383-9

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