Fotoreportage23 - In Search Of Ian Curtis by Katja Ruge

Published December 2007
Author: Katja Ruge
Paperback 144 pages, 76 photos and text
Price 29.90 Euros
ISBN: 978-3-9811856-0-7
Coverphoto by (C) Mark Reeder


A photographic mapping of the places in the story of Joy Division and their singer Ian Curtis and the space he left behind. With contributions from people who knew him, worked with him, or were just inspired by him and the music the band created.

Pictures by Katja Ruge and words from, amongst others: Peter Saville, Mark E. Smith, Jarvis Cocker, Phoenix, The Rapture, Karl Bartos, Genesis P. Orridge, Annik Honore, Lindsay Reade, Maximo Park, Terry Mason, Bloc Party, Jose Gonzales, Nouvelle Vague, Mogwai, Johnny Marr, She wants Revenge, Anja Huwe (x mal Deutschland), Karl Hyde/Underworld and the late Tony Wilson).