In Aeternum, Joy Division: a busca afetiva por uma imagems

Published 19 May 2018 in Brazil (Portuguese language)
Authors: Arlindo Gonçalves 
ISBN: 978-85-99279-92-2
8" x 8" boxed book 256 pages and 64 page booklet with b/w photos

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This book presents a deep investigation and tells the story of Joy Division, being based on the relationship of the experienced author and photographer Arlindo Gonçalves and his discovery of the English band since the early 1980s up to this day. As a fan and collector, Arlindo, in addition to collecting records and souvenirs, has also read assiduously great part of what was written about the group, revisited the profile of some personalities that lived with the members of the band and, along with Luciana Fátima, his companion and also a Joy Division fan, made a mystical journey to England, visiting the fateful residence where Ian Curtis put an end to his life, as well as his memorial in his hometown cemetery. There, in meditation, Arlindo asked permission to publish this affective biography. So on Barton Street, Macclesfield – echoing all the songs of Joy Division – has reverberated its approval of this work, which is dedicated to Ian Curtis, the band and all their fans.
In the course of In Aeternum, the author, joining his memories and research on Joy Division, presents the band’s emergence, its attempts to enter the music industry, its defeats and achievements. Along the chapters, Arlindo talks about the choice of the group’s name, their musical aesthetics and the resolution to follow the punk/post-punk style, even under the producer’s pressure. In parallel, it is inevitable to approach Ian Curtis’s sensitive life and his tragic suicide.
During the production of Closer, Joy Division, while leafing through a book by the French photographer Bernard Pierre Wolff containing a photo-essay of the sculptures of the Staglieno Cemetery, in Genoa, soon decided for the aesthetics of the album cover that, to a great extent, also represented the atmosphere of the songs and the life of its frontman, Ian Curtis. The album was released after the tragic suicide of the singer, however – even with all the criticism received –, the band members and the composer’s friends decided to respect the original choice and maintain the aesthetic that represented them so well. Arlindo Gonçalves and Luciana Fátima also toured the Staglieno Cemetery in search of an affective image and created a beautiful photo-essay with hundreds of photos, some of them also present on the beautiful photographic book, accompaning this work.