The Peter Hook Signature Collection
Auction catalogue

Published: 20 November 2018
72 colour pages
Publisher: Three Little Pigs Ltd
RRP £ 12.00 / £17.00 (signed by Hooky)
ISBN - Not applicable
Dimensions: 22 x 26 cm

The auction catalogue for the Peter Hook signature collection hosted by Omega Auctions 2nd March 2019. All items and exhibits were collated into the catalogue as a record of the whole exhibition with high spec images, and Hooky's personal comments on all entries.

There were two batches of this, an initial batch of 750 copies some embossed, some not - see 1st and 2nd pressings below. Then a second batch of 1200 from a different printer with soft laminate which was not suitable for embossing as it left white markings.

So, the three versions are as follows:

1st version: 95 copies matt laminate not embossed - distributed at the Utrecht exhibition (see auction info below)

2nd version: 655 copies, same printer and same batch as the first pressing with matt laminate but these were embossed "Peter Hook Signature Collection" in the top right corner

3rd version: 1200 copies soft touch laminate not embossed from a second printer.

Within each pressing some were signed some were not. Hooky also added "2019" when he signed later copies after the new year.

The auction itself was in aid of CALM and Epilepsy Society and was preceded by exhibitions of the lots as follows:

16th - 18th Nov 2018 - Record Planet, Utrecht including
Hooky Q&A / Signing on the 17th

25th Feb  – 2nd March 2019 - at Omega Auctions

Information from the Omega Auctions web site prior to the auction:

The “Peter Hook Signature Collection” features many rare items from Hooky’s first band Joy Division as well from Factory Records including equipment, instruments, Hooky’s own guitar, rare vinyl, unique artwork and original posters from the era.

The collection marks the first time these have been brought together for fans to view and is made up of many items, unseen since the ends of both Joy Division and Factory.

The collection also includes artefacts including correspondence and limited edition clothing, much of Hooky’s personal memorabilia including his Free Trade Hall Sex Pistols ticket and, even the infamous original Factory Records table number amongst its near three hundred exhibits and lots.

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Unsigned copy
1st version

Embossed signed copy
2nd version

Signed copy
3rd version
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