Joy Division concert

3rd April 1980: The Moonlight Club, West Hampstead, London

With A Certain Ratio, Kevin Hewick, and Blurt

Joy Division played unannounced at each of the three Moonlight gigs in addition to the other bands and artists that were scheduled to play

Photo (C) Steven Lock and reproduced here with permission

They played a lot better than the night before, and Martin Townsend wrote:
"This is a difficult period for Joy Division; they can ignore or encourage their popularity, and
disappear both ways."

Songs performed:
01. Love Will Tear Us Apart
02. Glass
03. Digital
04. Heart And Soul
05. Isolation
06. Disorder
07. Atrocity Exhibition
08. Atmosphere.
Appx. duration: 35 mins. Sound quality: 8+/9

This concert appeared in full on the following bootlegs:

Moonlight Club CD

Heart Of Darkness LP

Factory By The Moonlight 2LP

The Moonlight Club Complete Recordings 2LP

Live Transmissions CD

Factory By Moonlight LP

I'm Not Afraid Anymore CD

I'm Not Afraid Anymore LP

1980 4 X CD box set

Some tracks appeared on:

In A Lonely Place LP

One track appeared on:

Alternate Unknown Pleasures LP

Photos: burnt-marmite (on Reddit) and used here with permission

NME 29/03/80

NME 29/03/80
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these NME scans


The moonlight Club photographed in 2008. (C) Copyright Jon Salisbury and reproduced here with permission
The black door was the entrance