Joy Division concert

3rd April 1980: The Moonlight Club, West Hampstead, London

Photo (C) Steven Lock and reproduced here with permission

They played a lot better than the night before, and Martin Townsend wrote:
"This is a difficult period for Joy Division; they can ignore or encourage their popularity, and
disappear both ways."

Songs performed:
01. Love Will Tear Us Apart
02. Glass
03. Digital
04. Heart And Soul
05. Isolation
06. Disorder
07. Atrocity Exhibition
08. Atmosphere.
Appx. duration: 35 mins. Sound quality: 8+/9

This concert appeared in full on the following bootlegs:

Moonlight Club CD

Heart Of Darkness LP

Factory By The Moonlight 2LP

Live Transmissions CD

Factory By Moonlight LP

I'm Not Afraid Anymore CD

Some tracks appeared on:

In A Lonely Place LP

One track appeared on:

Alternate Unknown Pleasures LP

Photos: burnt-marmite (on Reddit) and used here with permission

NME 29/03/80

NME 29/03/80
Thanks to Phil for
these NME scans


The moonlight Club photographed in 2008. (C) Copyright Jon Salisbury and reproduced here with permission
The black door was the entrance