Joy Division

8th September 1979: Futurama One Festival, Queen's Hall, Leeds

Songs performed:
01. I Remember Nothing
02. Wilderness
03. Transmission
04. Colony
05. Disorder
06. Insight
07. Shadowplay
08. She's Lost Control
09. Atrocity Exhibition
10. Dead Souls.
Appx. duration: 40 mins. Sound quality: 8+/9
This concert appeared on the following bootlegs:

All Gods Angels Beware

Futurama 79 LP

Thanks to John for the poster scan.

Life Before Death LP

Soul of Heart CD

Desperation Takes Hold CD

House Of Prayer 2LP

Joy Division appeared on the opening day of John Keenan's "The World's First Science Fiction Music Festival" (better known as "Futurama" or in 1979 "Futurama '79").


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Kevin Cummins sent us this badge scan saying " I assume they were for sale but the promoter - John Keenan - gave it to me to enable me to pin my press pass on my jacket..."

They played 13th among 17 bands, including Cabaret Voltaire, Orchestral Manouvres in the Dark, Public Image Limited and A Certain Ratio.

"Unquestionably, the real stars of the night were Joy Division." Andy Gill (NME)

"They came on late in the evening and used no complex light shows, just some white lights placed low on the floor right at the back of the stage itself. They used a lot of dry ice and came out of the ice with the lights casting their shadows from behind them in a Gothic manor, it was like one of those old Universal Gothic movies. A cheer went up from the crowd. 'Unknown Pleasures' had been a huge underground hit. Even those who had not heard the album were in anticipation.

Ian Curtis did his 'dead fly' dance. I cannot remember much else because I enjoyed myself too much to take notes, and besides the bar was open all night and I had had a lot to drink.

John Lydon's 'Public Image' were top of the bill. They arsed about, made a cup of tea onstage and then Lydon turned his back on us and I seem to remember hid behind an amp". Graham J - gig goer

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Tickets came in a plastic wallet and you had to sign the back when you went in
Thanks to Steve Benham for the scan

Two types of ticket were produced. Thanks to Steve for the scan

Thanks to Steve for the flyer scan

Local newspaper article with early running order

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