Joy Division concert

11th April 1980: The Factory I, Manchester

Supported by Minny Pops

Advert from the Manchester Evening News The original Factory reopened for a few Friday dates. Joy Division were booked only 10 days in advance and attracted a crowd of 900 people despite minimal advertising. 

There had been several incidents that evening and the atmosphere wasn't good when Joy Division entered the stage. 

However, according to most reports the set was nothing less than brilliant so the atmosphere improved considerably.
"Rob Gretton came out after Joy Division went off and said 'Joy Division will not be coming back again tonight, and if you bastards throw a bottle at me there definitely will be hell.'

So, Pils bottles flew from everywhere at him. Joy Division came back out and the club erupted when they did 'Atrocity Exhibition' as the encore."
[Nick Wraith, June 1982]

Another punter at the gig said "It wasn't Rob, it was Alan Wise".