Joy Division

11th August 1979: Eric's, Liverpool (two performances)

With Swell Maps. Admission £1.10 for members, guests paid a bit more.
Joy Division played two shows this Saturday, a 5PM matinee for those under 18 (a tradition at Eric's) and an 8:30 evening performance.


Matinee Performance:

Songs performed
01. Transmission
02. Untitled (Gimme Your Heart/
Gimme Some Lovin'?)
03. Disorder
04. New Dawn Fades
05. Glass
06. Shadowplay
07. Colony
08. Interzone
09. Ice Age (cuts).
Appx. duration: 30 mins. Sound quality: 7/9

One or more songs from the matinee appeared on the following bootlegs:

Newspaper advert

Thanks to Alyn Currie
for the scan

Live Malvern/Eric's LP

Isolation LP

Aus Grauer Städte Mauern LP

Heartbeat/Here Are The Young Men LP

Out Of The room LP
Evening Performance

The set list below was published by who appear to own either the master tape or the only copy of the master. No other copies of this have ever surfaced.

She's Lost Control
Day Of The Lords
Atrocity Exhibition
New Dawn Fades (instrumental)
Dead Souls

"Interzone" features Hooky only, as Ian had a fit and had to leave the stage for a couple of numbers.
Andrew Twambley was there:

Between 1976 and 1979 I spent my formative years living in student houses ans attending Liverpool Poly studying law I lived with a guy called Nick Pinto whom I am friends with to this day. Nick kept a detailed diary of his life including every gig we went to......the majority of which were at Eric's Club on Matthew Street....the home of punk, and much more.
We had seen JD at Eric's earlier in the year but the gig on 11 August was one I specifically recall.the club was full of trendy punks and students who generally jumped up and down. Ehen JD came on the atmosphere changed. It wasnt the music as such but the charisma of the band especially Curtis and Hooky. People kind of stopped jumping about aimlessly and listened and watched .it was the feeling, the experience I remember...afterwards I recall saying to Nick, wtf was that?? was fantastic. We have been devotees ever since
We saw them again at liverpool Uni later in the year, with The Buzzcocks, I think....but nothing will be like The Eric's gig that summer
My girls go to school I'm Macclesfield and I find myself drawn to Ian's old house at wrong?

Andrew Twambley (age 56 and a half)