Joy Division concert

21st January 1980: Kant Kino, Berlin, Germany

Peter Hook's poster sold by Omega Auctions in 2019

Songs performed:
01. Dead Souls
02. Wilderness
03. Colony
04. Insight
05. Twenty Four Hours
06. A Means To An End
07. Transmission (cuts)
08. The Eternal (cuts)
(more songs were performed, but not
captured on tape)
Appx. duration: 25 mins. Sound quality 5/9
Erratic tape speed makes this is the worst sounding Joy Division live recording ever.

Bernard noted in May 1981 that "...the atmosphere ...strange... it was quite a lot like Manchester ... Berlin ... it had a cold atmosphere ...
Anonymous ... an evil atmosphere. You could feel the evil ... you could feel it from the war."

Joy Division probably named "Komakino" after this venue.

In January 2008 the Ian Curtis biopic Control was shown at the cinema.

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Thanks to Andreas B for the ticket scan

Kant Kino January 2008 - Showing "Control"
Photo (c) Flabbes

Kant Kino January 2008 - Poster for "Control"
Photo (C) Flabbes


(C) Lee McFadden 2009

Stairs to main hall 2009 (C) Lee McFadden

(C) Lee McFadden 2009

The Foyer 2009 (C) Lee McFadden

Main hall entrance 2009 (C) Lee McFadden