Joy Division

26th January 1979: The Factory I (Russell Club), Manchester

"A Factory Sample" release party.

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Thanks to Big Jonah for the poster scan

This ticket appeared on Ebay in 2019. The previous owner
had written the text on the reverse

Big Jonah was there:
On the way to the gig he got hit by a bus and broke his arm but, being a big Joy Division fan, he didn't want to miss out so he didn't go to the hospital - he just went straight on to the Russell Club.

The bouncers let him go sit on stage while Joy Division were playing and the atmosphere was amazing - the club was so packed that nobody could move.

Unfortunately he can't remember what music was playing because he was so drunk, but he knew nearly everybody there he said he had a brilliant time.

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Poster auctioned by Omega Auctions in December 2018