Joy Division

29th May 1977: Electric Circus, Manchester

Supporting the Buzzcocks and Penetration

Warsaw featured Tony Tabac on drums..

The flyer and adverts mistakenly called the band Stiff Kittens. They never used this name.

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Flyer - thanks to Neil Woodvine

Newspaper advert

Flyer - thanks to

The flyer with the picture of Pete Shelley was offered for sale to in 2009 this is the first time we'd seen this design

Gary Chaplin from Penetration tells us: "As far as the Electric Circus gig is concern my memories are fairly clear. I remember it was well attended but the venue was in a rough part of Manchester. It was a bit of an adventure for us and we were fairly attentive. We arrived mid afternoon to soundcheck and met with Buzzcocks, spent a lot of time discussing 2nd hand clothes with Shelly and Diggle. The venue was a converted cinema and dressing rooms were upstairs in the area where the projection room would have been.

I recall Warsaw playing pretty much the same set that they did in Newcastle a week later but as it was all new the overall impression is greater than the individual songs. Many Manchester luminaries were in attendance - Both Paul Morley and Tony Wilson were there and I distinctly remember them both being most encouraging to Warsaw and congratulating them for getting it together, there was an atmosphere of nurturing from them even this early!"

Paul Morley wrote: "I like them and will like them even more in 6 months' time." in the NME

Arthur in Sheffield was at the front with his mate Nigel:  "They strode on and were clearly cheesed off about the Stiff Kittens name and barked out that they were Warsaw. Great start - far better name. There was not a lot of interest or applause but my pal and I liked them straight off. They came across as earnest with a nervous edge and determined. I don't recall any particular songs - I remember the feel of the music was amateur, stripped back and had attack. I've nowt against leather caps and moustaches but I thought that Peter Hook's leather cap stood out as a bit of a glam rock throwback! We liked Warsaw and when I got a leaflet for the 'new wave night' at the Squat the following week, with them included in the line-up, we went along to that too.