Joy Division


31st December 1979: A warehouse in Oldham Street, Manchester

Joy Division played at a Factory arranged New Year's Eve Party above a shop in Manchester's Piccadilly Gardens.

About 100 invited guests attended and the band played for about half an hour. Section 25 and A Certain Ratio also performed.

At one stage we thought this was above a Woolworths, but the one in Oldham Street burned down 8th May 1979. In 2017 Martin Moscrop from A Certain Ratio told us it was above what would later be opened as Dry Bar.

Martin remembers there was free beer, Special Brew, piled high at the entrance. He had four cans before passing out  and spending the rest of the evening in a stupor.

Someone who was there tells us: "It was a great night. I can't remember much, except it was the Factory New Year Eve Party, and several Manc bands played including Joy Division. I think they just played a couple of numbers. My main recollection is when a fight broke out, and Ian and Terry got hit, and had to be rescued by me and a few others. I think some meatheads were booing one of the bands and Ian said something to them and got hit.".

Others recall Ian Curtis having a pop at someone from the NME.

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Bedge was there and nicked the poster above. He tell us: "It's basically a large Return of the Durritti Column poster. From what I can recall, there were loads of them stuck up on the walls, and they'd been sprayed with "1980". I managed to nick one at the end of the night, and it's been with me ever since, although it's now in a right sorry state"