Les Coffret Culte Fnac CD + DVD + photos box set 2009

Box set of the Grant Gee Joy Division documentary DVD and the Closer CD

Released in France, October 12th 2009.
French box set by Fnac record store
ISBN: 2 630033 507665
Box is 26.5 x 29 cm in size, includes 20 A4 size photos with white borders (mostly black & white, a few in colour), photographers include Kevin Cummins, Chris Mills, Martin O'Neill, Lex van Rossen and Rob Verhorst.

Front of box features an Ian Curtis picture from Brussels Plan K 16th October 1979 by Philippe Carly. The box also includes an 8 page 24 x 27.5 cm info booklet in French (not stapled), and an A5 size 4-page promo folder advertising the various other box-sets in this collector's series.

Box doesn't include the CD / DVD covers (discs only).

Closer tracklist:

1 Atrocity Exhibition 6 Heart & Soul
2 Isolation 7 Twenty Four Hours
3 Passover 8 The Eternal
4 Colony 9 Decades
5 A Means To An End    

Les Coffret Culte Fnac CD + DVD + photos box set Issue date not known

Second version of the above with slightly different packaging (same barcode number)

First edition

Second edition

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