Gap Pac -  2xLP + 7" Press kit & Promotional Material  1981

GAP records Australia
2LP set containing Unknown Pleasures, Closer, and Love Will Tear US Apart 7"
Press kit, promotional material, photos etc.
All contents housed inside  resealable clear plastic bag with "GAP PAC" printed in the top right corner on the front.
Only a few copies of this very rare promotional package were distributed to local Australian media at the time.

Unknown Pleasures LP (Original Australian pressing)
Textured cover, original printed inner.  
Matrix: FACOZ 1003 A (OUTSIDE)  Otto          FACOZ 1003 B (INSIDE)  Otto

Closer LP
Cover stamped "For promotional use only"  
Not for sale" stamp on back cover
Original printed folded insert
Labels credit Factory Records, GAP Records and EMI Australia Ltd. 
Matrix:  FACOZ 1001 A (there's a bit scratched out between the last "0" and the "1")
FACOZ 100   B (there's a bit scratched out after the last 0, and it looks like the "1"  that should have been added wasn't, it should read "FACOZ 1001")

Love Will Tear Us Apart 7"
Two track issue
SFA 406 printed on back cover
"For promotional use only  Not for sale" stamp on back cover
Labels credit Factory Records, GAP Records and EMI Australia Ltd.  
Matrix:  SFA 406 A            SFA 406 B

Press kit:
A4 size 16 page stapled Gap Records promo booklet with the Closer album art on the front  with band pictures, reviews and features from the UK music press
3 page stapled Gap Records press release dated 2nd March 1981 with a band history etc
2 page A4 size stapled Gap Records press release for Unknown Pleasures & Transmission
1 loose A4 size double sided photocopied sheet with various UK music paper record reviews and a few pictures
2 black & white Anton Corbijn 10" x 8" size promotional photographs:
  - one of the band photographed in a tube station in London 11/79
  - one of Ian Curtis live on stage at the Rainbow Theatre, London 4/4/80
    (both photographs have hand-written credits on the back)

Photos and document

Stamp on the cover