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Joy Division: Love Will Tear Us Apart Book
Author: Kevin Cummins

The book is definitely not coming out.
As far as most publishers are concerned "Joy Division are too niché - nobody is interested in them".
That's what they think...incredible.
- Kevin Cummins

Although the project is now on hold there was a 4 page blad for the book trade - approx. 12 x10 ins.
It had an unpublished photo of Ian's memorial stone on the front page in colour - a selection of pics across the centre spread and back page and some info about the book. It's pretty rare.


Old info:

Info from Kevin Cummins at 31 August 2004: The publisher is no longer Omnibus. There's no definite release date yet!

Info from Kevin Cummins at April 2004: The book is now scheduled for publication in the Autumn. There will only be one edition retailing at £19.99.

The latest hold up was due to a disagreement about the cover. Kevin wanted a photograph of Ian, and felt the publisher's suggestion of Ian's memorial stone was inappropriate on grounds of taste.

The publisher is Omnibus Press / Music Sales.

Info at October 28th 2003:
Contrary to information on some bookseller's web sites the book hasn't been released anywhere. Kevin and colleagues are negotiating to get it released in May 2004.

Info at June 2003:
The release has been postponed as the original Publishers have gone into liquidation. The book is finished - Kevin is still committed to the project and a number of new publishers are interested. He reckons it will come out early in 2004.

Original planned version early 2003:

160 pages. 320 x 240 mm. Colour and black and white
Recommended price was £19.99

Features Kevin Cummins photographs with an introduction by acclaimed crime writer Ian Rankin and editorial contributions from remaining members of the band.

The Collector's edition will feature a hardback version of the book in a cloth covered box with a screen printed poster of Ian Curtis signed by Kevin Cummins.

"Delving into Kevin Cummin's authoratitive collection of photographs one realises that Cummins was the only photographer capable of exploring the full spectrum of this hugely influential, passionately loved musical phenomenon. Already established as Manchester's pre-eminent punk chronicler, he had the deepest access to the band's late '70s opening chapters, prior to the suicide of Ian Curtis. Containing many unpublished photos as well as recognised iconic portraits, this long awaited book is a complete Joy Division collection."

Early proposed
cover designs ...

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