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Joy Division LPs and CDs

Ebay Online auction - the very best!   Discogs Massive!

Amazon UK Get cheap new CDs here, many used ones too.

  Sister Ray New and used vinyl and CD. Very good, highly recommended.

MusicStack Lots of rarities!

  Esprit used/new vinyl/CD, English
Fun Records used vinyl/CD/books etc, German  

Dr Strange Records a new and used punk records store

Vinyl Tap not a huge amount of used Joy Division but worth a look   Townsend Records Used and some new. UK Based and very friendly

Joy Division Photos


Joy Division Posters / T Shirts

Philippe Carly Many excellent photos of Joy Division's Plan K concerts

Steven Richards Steven took photos of lots of bands including Joy Division, Nick Cave and the Buzzcocks

Martin O'Niell's Bowdon Vale photos. Martin was a young photographer for a local newspaper when he took these photos

Amazon UK It's got the lot