18th May 2005 - How Ian Curtis's life is being celebrated

Warsaw 17 May
"Joy Division Wypominki Party" in Warsaw.
PUNKT club on Koszykowa street.

As every year the party starts at 8pm the17th of May and will go on the whole night. This years "Wypominki" will start with a cover concert done by INTERZONE - a band influenced by Joy Division that have prepared a set of Joy Division songs specially for this party. After that there will be a star concert by ONE MILLION BULGARIANS - a well-known Polish new wave band that will play their own songs and a few covers. To traditionally end with something special there will be a short but wonderful tribute concert by classical musician JOLANTA KOSSAKOWSKA playing Joy Division on a medievial violin instrument and singing.
The will also be slideshows, a movieshow, and many more small atractions that will take you back to Manchester'79.

Fore those who are planning to make a trip to Warsaw for the event, the promotors can arrange a cheap place to sleep and other assistance if required.

Punkt, ul. Koszykowa 55
17 maja 2005, godz.20
ticket: 10PLN (ca2EUR)

Contact email

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BBC Radio 6 Broadcasts 18 May
BBC Radio 6 will be remembering the life of Ian Curtis on air throughout 18 May:

Gideon on Breakfast - 0700-1000
Featuring an interview with Factory's Tony Wilson.

Andrew Collins (in for Gideon) - 1000-1300
Featuring Peel sessions of Joy Division.

Vic McGlynn 1300-1600
Featuring interesting covers of Joy Division classics.

Steve Lamacq 1600-1900
Featuring an interview with Anton Corbijn.
Manchester 18 May
BBC 6 will be showing Joy Division footage on a large outdoor screen in Manchester on May 18th

The event is being held on Wednesday 18th May at 7pm at the BBC Big Screen in Exchange Square. Featuring rare footage of Joy Division performances, including film from Manchester Apollo on 27th and 28th October 1979, and the Effenaar in Eindhoven, Netherlands on 18th January 1980.

These performances were filmed and released by Factory records as the ‘Here Are The Young Men’ video.

Dead Souls (Manchester Apollo)
Love Will Tear Us Apart (Manchester Apollo)
Shadowplay (Manchester Apollo)
Day Of The Lords (Manchester Apollo)
Digital (Effenaar, Eindhoven)
Colony (Effenaar, Eindhoven)
New Dawn Fades (Effenaar, Eindhoven)
Autosuggestion (Effenaar, Eindhoven)
Transmission (Manchester Apollo)
Sound Of Music (Manchester Apollo)
She`s Lost Control (Manchester Apollo)
They Walked In Line (Manchester Apollo)
I Remember Nothing (Manchester Apollo)
Love Will Tear Us Apart (Promo)

In addition they'll be showing the band’s full performances of ‘Transmission’ and ‘She’s Lost Control’ for their only national TV appearance on the BBC’s Something Else programme.

Also being shown is the Channel 4 "Wired" documentary which looks back at the legacy of Joy Division and the effect Ian’s Death had on the remainder of the band. The documentary includes interviews with Alan Erasmus, Tony Wilson, Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook., Steve Morris, Paul Morley and the late Rob Gretton.
Blackburn (Manchester) 18 May
ikon& present
I Remember Nothing - A Joy Division Video Night

Barzooka, 70 Victoria Street, Blackburn BB1 6DN 01254 55607
18th May 8pm Tickets on Door £5
Reservations on request - send an email with details to

An unexpected treat from the Ikon Vaults featuring a rare chance to see The Joy Division Film by Malcolm Whitehead (Fac 9) not seen for over 20 years and his new 7 minute short She's Lost Control, and rarely seen Ikon/ Factory footage. Plus a short extract from the Ikon documentary Something From Nothing, part of an unheard interview with Rob Gretton, Ian Curtis and Martin Hannett interviews and the usual stuff.

The event has been organised as a way of Ikon (now Ikon&) and Malcolm Whitehead to remember Ian Curtis

While preparing for this event Brian Nicholson has unearthed some
Apollo out takes from Here Are the Young Men: Wilderness, Twenty-four Hours, and Disorder. Wilderness appeared on the Substance video - but 24 Hours and Disorder are a major find as we didn't even know they'd been recorded.

Update after the event:

2nd June 2005 - Brian Nicholson has sent me the tracklist for the event. I don't think the plan K footage is on the list though. Probably because he sent the full Plan K set list in the same email. ...

The `I Remember Nothing' event

Ian Curtis soundcheck from the 1st Apollo gig

Ian Curtis Interview from Northern Lights (audio and text)

Extract from FACTUS 5
First Faltering Steps Shadowplay
Tony Wilson intro

Extract from unfinished Ikon documentary "Something From Nothing"
Malcolm Whitehead talks about Bowdon Vale, Hitler and James Anderton

The Joy Division Film (17 mins)

Out Takes from HATYM
Wilderness (Apollo 1st Night)
24 Hours (Apollo 2nd)

The Time and The Place
Interview with Rob Gretton from March 1979 by Malcolm Whitehead.
(extract from full 30 minute interview parts also used in The Joy Division Film)
(Audio and Text)

8mm Footage Eindoven

Granada What's On
She's Lost Control. Intro from Dick Witts.


8mm Eindoven
New Dawn Fades

Interview with Ian Curtis 2nd part of Northern Lights
(Audio and Text)

Something Else - Transmission

Martin Hannett interview out take from NO Play at Home

Plan K - Atrocity Exhibition

Chapter 6
The Interview
Short clip from Factus 5 Wilson and Morris with Radio 1 DJ Paul Burnett
from the Something Else show

Dead Souls (from HATYM)

The Future
Extract from Malcolm Whitehead Interview with Rob Gretton
(Audio and Text)


She's Lost Control
Malcolm Whiteheads new film

Titles over LWTUA
Holland 18 May
Dutch Public Radio - VPRO Grensverkeer Radio 1
May 18th 02.00-06.00
A four hour live radio show on Joy Division.

It will be also on internet - and will be available for one month
Sweden 18 May
Klubb Closer Stockholm-Sweden: Ian curtis tributenight
18th May at Bonden bar.
DJ - Henric de La cour

Klubb Closer web site
London 18 May
Decades, 25th Anniversary Ian Curtis Memorial
18th May 7.30 - 2AM Baby Seal Club,
At Barden's Boudoir, 38-44 Stoke Newington Road, Dalston N16 7XJ
£5 (£3 with flyer / Artrocker members card)

There will be bands influenced by Joy Division (a few JD covers), DJ's, visual projections, and a special atmosphere. Hope you'll come down.

The Baby Seal Club Presents:

Berlin 18 May
Tribute to Ian Curtis
18th May,
Arena Belin 21 Uhr 7 €

Als sich Ian Curtis am 18. Mai 1980 im Alter von 23 Jahren erhängte, hinterließ er Frau und Kind und eine Band auf dem Weg nach ganz oben, sowie fassungslose Fans. Zum 25. Todestag gibt es nun ein großes Tribute:

Peaches, John the human elephant, Das Nasenflötenorchester & Tapeman, Jonas Poppe (Kissogram, Sitcom Warriors), Emilio Winschetti (Mythen in Tüten), The Sighs, Claudius Kielholz (Haunted Henschel, Siegmund Freud Experience), Schneider TM the nothings, Tex (Raymen), Boy from Brazil, Satelite City, Indoor Surfers, Floating di Morel, Noisy Pink Vagina, Ria, Doc Schoko

DJs:DJ Lobotomy, DJ Doc Schoko
London 19 May
Ian Curtis Tribute Night
Spread Eagle, Hoxton Thursday 19th May

Digital will be playing a selection of songs from the JD back catalogue, so if you are interested in hearing some of the lesser-known gems that flowed from the pen of Ian Curtis, this will be the set to see! Fans of Exercise One, Walked In Line and such like, you better get there early!

Re: Order will be concentrating on the greatest hits, and throwing in a few New Order songs as well.

Admission is absolutely free, and the doors open at 7pm. The event is hosted by Volunteer and Projector Records, and takes place at The Spread Eagle, 2 Kingsland Road, London E2.
Los Angeles, California 21 May
Ian Curtis Tribute Night
Vertigos in L.A

Tribute bands Joy Revision and Love Vigilantes will be playing together May 21 at Vertigos for the 25th aniversary.

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New York, until 22 May
Guggenheim Museum, Slater Bradley's Doppelganger Trilogy

Here's the info from the web site:

"Slater Bradley's Doppelganger Trilogy (2001–04) conjures up three pop icons from the collective unconscious of our mass-mediated culture. All fallen heroes—two by suicide and one by a protracted descent into disrepute—these figures are perceived through the distancing lens of desire and memory. Each of the three videos is fashioned as a recording of a faux concert performance, using a technique reminiscent of what would have been employed to capture the event when it purportedly took place".

Here's what a visitor told us on our messageboard:

Well I went while I had the time and it's only 3 videoscreens each in a separate room (1 Michael Jackson, 1 Kurt Cobain, 1 Ian) and 3 large photographs (1 of each "fallen idol") and that's the entire exhibit. The photographs are of the same actor made up to look very much like Michael Jackson, Kurt and Ian portraits in each one - but of course the face of Ian is no spitting image (not the same skin type, facial bones, etc.) but the same expression, expression in the eyes, etc which is the idea.

There is a large black "Here are the Young Men" videotape cover on print on the wall with the Factory emblem and the song listings and "1 half inch tape from Ikon FCL" when you walk in.

During the JD video, the album version of Decades is playing. But it begins in silence with a Beta videotape message on the screen which was cool because the observer has an idea of what period of time it is. Then the video starts and it is very very grainy and ghostlike, much much harder to see the figure of I.C. than in the Here are the Young Men video in black and white while the actor mimicks him singing in slow motion and does some of his circular arm movements. "Decades" ends and you see all black for about 30 seconds. I think the particularly grainy film was supposed to express the dying of the artist. It all takes only a few minutes to see everything.

Manchester, throughout May
Bowdon Vale Photograph Exhibition
The Rampant Lion, Anson Road, Victoria Park, Manchester

Exhibition of Martin O'Neill's Bowdon Vale photographs. See the excellent Cerysmatic web site for more information (including the Vimto connection)