JOY DIVISION - LIVE LES BAINS DOUCHES PARIS 1979 (CD) Unknown Pleasures Records 2014

French CD released 2014
Glossy picture card sleeve
Label: "Unknown Pleasures Records"
Limited to 300 copies according to the sleeve, which also has the following information; "Remaster by Drew & Vince (2010)  Picture and layout by Deadly Sexy Carl  CD promo not for sale"
These were given away for free with every order from a French Cold Wave label
Live: Les Bains Douches Club, Paris 18 Dec 1979 complete concert

1    Passover   
2    Wilderness   
3    Disorder   
4    Love Will Tear Us Apart   
5    Insight   
6    Shadowplay   
7    Transmission   
8    Day Of The Lords   
9    Twenty Four Hours   
10  Colony   
11  These Days   
12   A Means To An End   
13   She Lost Control   
14   Atrocity Exhibition   
15   Interzone   
16   Warsaw   

No track splits, just one long track comprising all the song performed that night