JOY DIVISION - LIVE IN KOLN (2LP) Digital Music K22LP 2022      Test Pressing

2022 Asian Double LP
'Test Pressing'
15 numbered copies on black vinyl
Label: Digital Music
Catalogue Number: K22LP
Test pressing labels

Matrix numbers:
16718-132354 A2
16718-132354 B

16718-132354 C
16718-132354 D

This 2LP is similar to the 2004 Die Kalten Winde Des Winters 2LP but the audio is from a different source

Live: Live Cologne, Basement 15th January 1980

Atmosphere 24 Hours
Love Will Tear Us Apart A Means To An End
These Days She's Lost control
Insight The Sound Of Music

Glass Interzone
Day Of The Lords Disorder
Shadowplay Transmission
  Atrocity Exhibition

Features the complete concert.