All The Time: An Ian Curtis film
Planned for release in 2008
but the project was shelved.
Page updated 2 March 2020

In 2007 Amy Hobby confirmed to us that Hobby Films, who had previously held the film option for Touching From A Distance, were developing an all new script called All The Time written by Tom Browne.

Jamie Thraves was to direct. Amy was to produce along with Neal Weisman. Hobby Films optioned the book Torn Apart and co-author Lindsay Reade was the film's research consultant.

The project was shelved in 2007 and the rival film Control made it to the big screen instead.

First draft of a 107 page script from 2005
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"It seems in Hollywood that it is quite common to have two or more Companies doing the same film concept. Here is the script for the other such Company, I thought in ways this one was better. But they lost the race!" - Peter Hook