Our Vision Touched The Sky - Fenomenologia dei Joy Division

Italian paperback published in 2021
Authors: Alfonso Amendola & Linda Barone
295 pages
Publisher: Rogas edizioni
RRP 20.00

ISBN: 9788899700843

Italian language

A book to cross and reconstruct the work of Joy Division analyzed in an interdisciplinary perspective able to range from social sciences to music, from textual analysis to cultural influences, from philosophical tension to mass consumption, from literature to social networks, from the cinema to the graphic line. A transversal and polyphonic path. A reconstruction of an imaginary in the form of writing to find, once again, the band from Salford.

Alfonso Amendola is professor of Sociology of cultural processes at the University of Salerno. He deals with the sociology of arts, entertainment and literature with particular attention to avant-garde cultures, mass consumption, digital innovations.

Linda Barone is Professor of English Linguistics and Translation at the University of Salerno. He deals with textual linguistics, multimodality, didactics of the English language, literary translation and audiovisual translation.e

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