An Ideal For Living (An History Of Joy Division)

Publisher: Proteus Publishing 1984:

Issued as:

Limited edition 500 copy Hessian-bound hardback - signed by the author in dust wrapper (see photos below)

Hardback - glossy picture cover in dust wrapper.

Paperback - soft cover

Reissued by Bobcat Books in 1986:

Paperback only

Written by Mark Johnson, with additional writings by Paul Morley and others.

This book traces the story of Joy Division from their earliest beginnings as Stiff Kittens/Warsaw in 1976/77 up to New Order's 1983 record releases and live gigs.

With detailed information about live gigs and record releases and many of the famous black & white photos from 1977-1982. 

See also Joy Division - a Hungarian book that appears to be based on this one

This book is highly recommended for all serious collectors and dedicated fans.

Out of print

UK HardbackUS Hardback
Hardback editions - hessian cover and picture cover

Detail from signed edition thanks to Martin Ballantyne

This original order form (later signed by Peter Hook) shows the book was planned for release in May 1983 with 1,000 signed and numbered cloth cover copies, this had reduced to 500 when it was released the following year.