Closer: Testamento Musical

By Arlindo Gonçalves
Published: 2020
264 pages
Format:  14cm x 14cm
Publisher: loja Estronho
Laminated card cover
ISBN 978-65-87071-07-7
RRP R$ 49,00 (Euros 8.30)

Brazilian book, Portuguese language
"Through content that mixes historical essays, fiction, creative process accounts, photographs and illustrations, we are introduced to narratives inspired by the Ian Curtis & Cia album. The intimate emotions that arise from the hearing each track from Closer invoke the drama of a young man who suffers from chronic unemployment, lack of perspectives, isolation and loss of meaning of his existence. This real story inspires the construction of characters such as Dona Joana, an old alcoholic, true rock, that cries the absence of a son executed in a slaughter and the couple of failed artists, Tania and Marcos.
The texts, organized and exhibited by Arlindo, and connected to the Joy Division´s biographical retrospect, serve as an aesthetic exercise of ovation Closer in its 40 years. With drama and heavy tone, and also with decadent and self-deprecating humor – the author's style marks – the album is celebrated – not as a morbid piece, simple cult of Ian Curtis's suicide to inspire others to do the same – but as a masterpiece that values learning by understanding the great individual and collective dramas; a triumph of the will inspired by art to overcome losses and human suffering. Ian Curtis predicted the record would be a failure. Fortunately, he was wrong".

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