Joy Division Books and Publications


Bernard Sumner - Confusion ... by David Nolan
Chapter and Verse - New Order, Joy Division and Me by Bernard Sumner
Record Play Pause by Stephen Morris
Torn Apart - by Mick Middles and Lindsay Reade
Touching From A Distance by Deborah Curtis
Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division - by Peter Hook


1 Top Class Manager
An Ideal For Living
Dreams Never End
Form (And Substance)
From Joy Division To New Order
Factory - The Story Of The Record Label
Heart & Soul - Critical Essays on Joy Division
A Legacy in Wax ...
Joy Division - by Mike West
Joy Division + New Order: Decades
Joy Division and The Making of Unknown Pleasures
Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures (33 1/3)
Piece by Piece
Pleasures And Wayward Distractions
So This is Permanence
This Searing Light, The Sun and Everything Else:
True Faith

Written by fans

Joy Division - by Neil Woodvine  
A Moment In Time
Shadowplay (only one copy made)
When We Were Young

(also see Fanzines section below)

Joy Division Lyrics (Belgian booklet)
Joy Division Songbook
So This is Permanence - by Jon Savage


Archivum: Vintage Joy Division Prints - by Kevin Cummins
Fotoreportage23 - In Search Of Ian Curtis - by Katja Ruge
I remember Nothing - Bowdon Vale Photos - by Martin O'Neill
Joy Division - by Kevin Cummins
Joy Division Bowdon Vale Youth Club Manchester - 14th Mar...
Joy Division at Strawberry Studios - by Paul Slattery
Juvenes - The Joy Division Photographs of Kevin Cummins

Graphic novel

New Dawn Fades

Only available on audiobook format

Maximum Joy Division


A History In Cuttings (press clippings)
Joy Devotion...
Joy Division - Adult Coloring Book

Peter Hook Signature Collection (auction catalogue)
Joy Division Albums
Joy Division Rock Music...

Foreign language

A Band In The Decade - Leur Histoire (French)
All The Lyrics (Italian / English)
Anime Transparenti (Italian)
Closer: Testamento Musical (Portuguese)
Dark Wave (Greek)
Deo Po Deo (Serbian)
Entre Tinieblas (Spanish)
Fragments (French)
From The Centre Of The City (Italian / English)
El Fuego Helado  Unknown Pleasures y Closer Discos ... (Spanish)
Histoire d’une Vie (French)
Ian Curtis - Twenty-Four Hours (French)
Ian Curtis and Joy Division (Italian)
Ian Curtis Joy Division (Portuguese)
In Aeternum (Portuguese)
Inside Out (German)
Joy (Italian / English)
Joy Division (Hungarian)
Joy Division (Italian)
Joy Division (Greek)
Joy Division Control (French)
Joy Division & New Order - de A à Z (French)
Joy Division Broken Heart Romance (Italian)
Joy Division Ian Curtis Canciones (Spanish / English)
Joy Division / New Order (Italian)
Joy Division / New New Order - Nada é Mera Coincidência (Portuguese)
Joy Division Sessions 1977-1981 (French)
Lumiere & Tenebres (French)
Ode aan Joy Division (Dutch)
Our Vision Touched The Sky (Italian)
Plagiat (German)
Sordide Sentimental (French)
Svetla u Podrumu Duše (Yugoslavian)
Transmisssion – Vita, Morte E Visioni Di Ian Curtis... (Italian / English)

Fanzines, photocopied booklets etc

L'Age de Glace - Traductions (French)
A History In Cuttings
(all joy Division's press clippings)
A New Dawn (leaflet)
Because They Should Be Read As Well As Heard (US) (booklet)
Closer Promo booklet (Australia) (booklet)
Decades  (booklet and interview CD)
Factus (Dutch)
JD/NO - A Checklist of Records and Tapes 
Joy Division - by Neil Woodvine
Lyrics / Discography (booklet)
Redescobrir Joy Division (Portuguese)
Rock Serwis 
Standard (Dutch)
Untitled booklet
Welcome to The Atrocity Exhibition

Other Related Books

Factory Records - The Complete Graphic Album
House Of Dolls
In Control
I Swear I Was There: The Gig That Changed the World
Who Killed Martin Hannett

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