Joy Division

10th February 1979: Institute Of Technology, Bolton

Supported by The Curbs

The Curbs were:
Peter Taylor - lead vocals/bass guitar (Partington)
Mike Cross - vocals/lead guitar (Oldham)
Stuart Cross - drums (Oldham)
Dawn - Stuart's girlfriend
Phil Painter - Roadie
Alan 'Stoney' Stoneure - Sound Engineer

Flyer photo courtesy Julie Heyes

Hand painted poster - photo courtesy Steve Fielding

Phil Painter was a Curbs roadie and fan, he and Dawn were always listed as members of the band (see above). Here are his recollections of the gig and those times:

"The gig at Bolton Institute on 10 02 1979 is 100% correct. Pete Taylor announced The Curbs has blown Joy Division off stage! Nowadays you would call them a Clash cover band and they certainly went down well with the large audience - 500. Probably owing to not being able to 'pogo'quite as well to Joy Division's evolved slower set.

You may have wondered how The Curbs ever came to support Joy Division. This was due to The Curbs having a rehearsal room at Tony Davidson's on Little Peter Street for about a year during 1978/79. They were looking for a support - and the Curbs stepped in. The Curbs were a RAR band. Pete and me knew Frank Manley also from Partington well. He asked us and we dulyaccepted without any fuss. Joy Division were just another Manc band in 78.

I saw them both, as Warsaw and then Joy Divsion down at Kelly's, The Squat, Pips, Band On The Wall and Rafters. When they played at Pips as Warsaw in Oct 1977, I wasliterally stood in front of them on my own for about three songs before leaving for the Roxy room. They played on a small stage in a connecting walk through room between the other ones like the Roxy, Soul or Mod rooms. People walked past, but none actually stopped while I was there. So, I was surprised at the turn out when they played there three months later. I never heard the 'Ian Ian' chants as portrayed on the Control film though, LOL.

It was a fascinating time. I remember each band's name was on the door of their room. Joy Division's room was at the top of the staircase (opposite Tony's small office) and the door had a grill on the front. It was funny how bands used to listen in outside their door and then rush back and play something similar! And it happened the other way round! I remember listening to the Buzzcocks practising 'Promises' and thinking it was not very good, although I really liked them. The single was polished up well by United Artists. The Curbs rehearsal room cost a hundred pounds a month which needing some finding as that was quite expensive in 1978.

We did spend a fair amount of time drinking in The City Road Inn around the corner and playing pool with some of the other bands based at Tony's...."