Joy Division

14th September 1977: Rock Garden, Newport Road, Middlesbrough 

Supporting The Rezillos, local band Lice? were also on the bill. Warsaw went on first.

Photo courtesy of Remember When /

2006 venue photo - thanks to Jason

Songs performed:
1. Reaction
2. Inside The Line
3. Leaders Of Men
4. Novelty
5. At A Later Date
6. Tension
7. Kill
8. Lost

Appx. duration: 28 mins. Sound quality: 7/9

All songs appeared on the following bootlegs:

At an Earlier Date LP
Leaders Of Men CD
Reaction LP
Warsaw - The Lost,  Complete 1977 Recordings 2LP
Warsaw - Middlesbrough 14th September 1977 / Joy Division - Manchester 28th September 1979 LP

"One of our next public outings was at the Middlesbrough Rock Garden supporting the Rezillos, a lovely bunch of lads and a lass from Scotland. The Rezillos were a kind of glam cartoon rock-and-roll band on speed, and a really good live band. They had a single out and signed a deal with Seymour Stein’s Sire label. They and their manager, Bob Last, seemed to like what they saw in us and asked us to do some gigs with them" - Stephen Morris, Record Play Pause: Confessions of a Post-Punk Percussionist: Volume 1 . Little, Brown Book Group.

Lice? were a Middlesbrough band who took their name from poster in a pub toilet warning of the perils of pubic lice which simply said, ‘Lice?'. Band member Jon has the following recollections:

’…We (Lice?) were one of the support bands. The Rezillos asked us if it would be OK if this Manchester band, Warsaw (who we hadn’t heard of), could play first. We said that would be OK, no probs. When Warsaw played there were only about fifty in audience, most of whom were our friends or friends of friends. A mate of our bassist was really pissed and threw a plastic glass which bounced off Ian Curtis’ head as he was running across some tables. The Rezillos' road crew were worried that they (The Rezillos) might get banned from The Rock Garden because of him. I had to explain that none of us knew him, that he was a mate of our bassist and we’d never seen him before. Mind you, I think they noticed this mad bloke (who was wearing a flight suit with DRILL ME written on it) talking to us. He didn't come to any more of our gigs!’

Garry (singer in local band Discharge): ‘…I spent about ten minutes talking to Ian Curtis a couple of hours before the gig… nice guy...’

Ian (singer in local band Savage Passion): ‘…I interviewed The Rezillos for my fanzine ‘Strictly Rockers’ in The Acklam pub, we could hear Warsaw soundchecking. I wrote the interview down on a piece of paper but lost it at the gig… I got a kiss off Fay Fife!…’

Photo: Rob F and Seth Eigenmann
We finally found out what songs were performed at this gig in Spring 2010 when a cassette tape, recorded by Bob Last and given to Hooky after the gig, was put on display as part of Peter Hook's speaking tour.

Hooky has played extracts from the tape at various times: In June 1990 he played Leaders Of Men on the Piccadilly Radio Show (although he incorrectly said it was Warsaw live in Middlesbrough 1978) and in June 2007 he posted an mp3 of Reaction on his MySpace site.

In August 2011 the recording was leaked when a single copy of the At an Earlier Date bootleg LP turned up an a Manchester record shop.

In November 2011 this concert appeared on the Leaders Of Men bootleg CD along with a previously unreleased rehearsal session. The sound quality suggests this comes from a low generation recording.

In December 2011 the Reaction bootleg LP appeared which had the same tracks as the Leaders Of Men bootleg CD but with one track missing