Joy Division

27th October 1979: Apollo Theatre, Manchester 
On tour with the Buzzcocks 

All concert photos on this page (C) Patrick Kennerley and used with
his permission (unless otherwise annotated)

Songs performed:
01. Dead Souls* *
02. Wilderness *
03. Colony
04. Auto-Suggestion
05. Love Will Tear Us Apart*
06. Shadowplay*
07. She's Lost Control*
08. Transmission.
Appx. duration(*): 20 mins. Sound quality: 8-/9
Songs 01 & 05-07 appeared on the following bootlegs:

Here Are The Young Men LP

Heartbeat/Here Are The Young Men CD

Songs marked (*) are available on the Live At The Apollo LP and presumably come from the here Are The Young Men video (see below)

Advert from the M<anchester Evening News

Video footage:

Recorded on VHS by Richard Boon

Songs marked (*) were released on the "Here are the Young Men" video.

* Dead Souls and Wilderness are on the "Substance 1978-1988" promo compilation. The remaining three songs surfaced in 2017 when the entire concert was shown at the True Faith exhibition in Manchester Art Gallery.  The full set list is taken from the Form (And Substance) book, C. Heylin/C. Wood 1988.

Notes: Due to strict time schedule on the Buzzcocks tour Joy Division were only allowed to play for 32 minutes with no the great disappointment of the audience which loudly started booing. Both this night and the following were videotaped by Richard Boon.

Stockport fly posters. Photo (C) Bruce Crawford

and used here with permission


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Buzzcocks / Joy Division
Autumn Tour 1979 Gig Schedule


Here's how Paul H reviewed this gig for Manchester's 'City Fun' magazine
When it was first announced that Joy Division were to be the support act on this tour I thought it was a brave but foolish decision on the Buzzcocks part. Surely, Joy Division the current darlings of the rock media would completely overshadow the Buzzcocks who are presently in the midst of a critical backlash. Much to my surprise the complete opposite occurred.

I really don't know what went wrong with Joy Division. Right from the start I felt something was wrong the sound was poor, especially the drum sound. I was at so far back that at one point I was convinced they were using a 
different drummer. Most of the set comprised new songs no titles were announced therefore I knew none. The songs I did recognize, in particular 'She's Lost Control' and 'Transmission' were the best in the set. The only time I 
felt the band worked as a unit was on a new song halfway into the set where Curtis played guitar and Albrecht keyboards. The overall attitude of the band seemed disinterest Curtis looked bored, Hook spent most of the set with his back to the audience. Morrises mind was elsewhere. Only Albrecht seemed his usual self. 'Transmission' closed the set. The audience stomp and clap for more Joy Division do not come back. This is the tenth time I've seen the band nine times they have excited me. Tonight was a depressing performance maybe it was nerves playing in such a large venue perhaps just an off night. I really hope so.

The Apollo photographed in 2002 (C) Copyright Joy Division - The Eternal web site
(Michel Enkiri) and reproduced here with permission