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Click on titles for a detailed listing. Anything not listed below is probably a promo or a bootleg.

Please note: It would take many years to put every version of every release on these pages and the results would be pretty boring so each listing generally refers to the first release. In many cases this means the UK vinyl release but there are exceptions.

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Short Circuit - Live At The Electric Circus was a 10" compilation album and the first time Joy Division appeared on vinyl. Sadly the rest of this concert has never surfaced - not even on bootleg tape.

Earcom 2 was a six track compilation from Fast Records with two atmospheric Joy Division tracks that didn't make it onto the Unknown Pleasures album. 

Atmosphere and She's Lost Control are the same record. The US version had She's Lost Control as the A side, but in all other countries it was Atmosphere.

We have included all Joy Division Record Store Day releases here for completeness even though some of them only include one previously released Joy Division track.


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