Joy Division 7" and CD Singles Discography


Click on titles for a detailed listing. Anything not listed below is probably a promo or a bootleg.

Please note: It would take many years to put every version of every release on these pages and the results would be pretty boring so each listing generally refers to the first release. In many cases this means the UK vinyl release but there are exceptions.

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Amnesty International

It all started with An Ideal for Living, a 7" EP released by Joy Division on their own Enigma label. Bernard designed the sleeve and the record sounded awful - a huge disappointment to the band as it had sounded great in  the studio. Original copies are worth a fortune but watch out for fakes.

Licht Und Blindheit (Sordide Sentimental) was a limited edition French release featuring two unused tracks issued in a deluxe A4 trifold colour sleeve. Again, originals are woth a fortune but there are a lot of fakes about.

The Komakino flexi disk was a completely free record. Factory Records pressed loads up and record shops put them on the counters for customers to simply take away. Factory said they would never become collectors items as they would continue pressing them until there was no demand. They didn't - but so many were issued you can still pick one up cheaply.

The Amnesty International single is a strange one.  It's a picture disc with a picture of Ian Curtis on it but Joy Division don't feature on the recording.

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