Joy Division Album Discography


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Please note: It would take many years to put every version of every release on these pages and the results would be pretty boring so each listing generally refers to the first release. In many cases this means the UK vinyl release but there are exceptions.

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Normal releases


Box sets

Radio sessions

Joy Division's two "proper" albums were Unknown Pleasures and Closer. Both excellent and both quite different as the Joy Division sound evolved considerably between the two. Unknown Pleasures was stark and minimalist while Closer was more poignant being recorded in the final months of Ian's life. These two albums are essential for anyone new to Joy Division.

Substance complemented Unknown Pleasures and Closer by featuring the best of the non-album studio recordings.

The Preston and Les Bains Douches live albums offer the chance to hear a badly recorded, chaotic gig and a well recorded polished performance in that order. The Re-Fractured box set also includes the first legitimate release of the Amsterdam concert.

Permanent was a "Greatest Hits" type release and Heart & Soul almost offers the "complete works" of Joy Division.

Still was  an attempt to sweep up any unreleased tracks along with a live recording of Joy Division's last concert.


Record Store Day releases
Press pack We don't normally list promo items but this Australian press pack from 1981 is worth making an exception for.

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