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Television appearances


Granada Reports, Granada TV, 20 September 1978

Shadowplay (released on Substance - also on "Punk" compilation WEA/Warner 4 509 91011-3, released 1992) also released on various bootlegs - click here for info

Transcript of the Joy Division appearance:

"... called Joy Division, they were called Warsaw once, but Joy Division, I think, has a nicer ring to it and we hope that we're launching them on a real joy ride as we have before with many others, haven't we Tony, yes"

"Seeing as how this is the programme which previously brought you first television appearances from everything from the Beatles to the Buzzcocks we do like to keep our hand in and keep you informed of the most interesting new sounds in the north west.This,Joy Division, is the most interesting new sound we've come across in the last six months.

They're a Manchester band, with the exception of the guitarist who comes from Salford, very important difference, they're called Joy Division, and this number is "Shadowplay".

JOY DIVISION perform "Shadowplay" live in the studio.

"Shadowplay" by Joy Division, I'd say you'll hear more of them but I've heard that line so often.

What's On: Granada TV, 20 July 1979

She's Lost Control
Granada hold the following information in their archives:
"WHAT'S ON (EPISODE 0072) Date: 19/07/1979 (note different date)
Clip of the film "Love at 1st bite" and an interview with star and
producer of the film George Hamilton, also a look at the Chesyer
Festival. Joy Division play She's Lost Control".
We have seen this footage and can confirm that it exists. Recorded live in the studio, Granada haven't shown it since. Joy Division were on last and the end of show credits come up over the top of them. The song is cut short at 2 minutes 30 seconds.. This is probably why it's never been shown since. A poor quality version appears on bootleg audio tapes.

When it was broadcast the presenter made an announcement about the next programme during Joy Division's performance. However, the original master tape in Granada's vaults does not have this.

October 2020 update: the footage has surfaced in 'Guy Garvey: From the Vaults' (episode 1) on Sky TV
Has closing credits from the original show, plus voice over from the new.

Something Else, BBC2 Broadcast 15 September 1979

She's Lost Control (released on Substance)
Transmission (released on Substance)
Recorded 1 September, also features an interview dominated by Tony Wilson with a couple of words from Steve Morris. Excerpts are included in the Substance video. 

TV Documentaries


Wired Fact 211 Channel 4 TV feature 1-7-88

All of this appears on >>> (Substance)
This is an 18-minute video of a Channel 4 TV documentary to mark the release of Substance. Broadcast on July 1 1988, it includes interviews with Tony Wilson, Rob Gretton, Alan Erasmus, Paul Morley and New Order. The video was issued in an edited form for promotional purposes.

MTV Factory documentary, 12th April 1992 Fact 339, 25 minutes.

A 27-minute documentary featuring various Factory artists, including Joy Division excerpts (from transmission, Atmosphere and Love Will Tear Us Apart) and interviews with (among others) Tony Wilson, Bernard Sumner, Stephen Morris and Peter Hook. First broadcast January 26 1992 on MTV's 120 Minutes. 

UK ARENA (UK CABLE TV CHANNEL) Broadcast 5th January 1998

A 40 minute documentry on the history of Joy Division and New Order introduced by Jools Holland and made by the BBCs "Later" team. The first 20 minutes is solid Joy Division and contains the complete performance of "Transmission" from "Something Else", a clip from the interview from the same programme, followed by the complete "She"s Lost Control" that ends with Ian bending over limp like a rag doll that was only shown on the original broadcast.
Jools then introduces a short film* on the life of Ian Curtis that contains interviews with Tony Wilson, Sean O'Hagan, Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook and Deborah Curtis. Clips of the Sex Pistols and Joy Division (live footage from "Here Are The Young Men" and the "Love Will Tear Us Apart" promotional video) are also shown and the film ends with a close up of Ian"s gravestone.

* The short film was originally broadcast on Newsnight at the time that Touching From A Distance was published. We believe there were a couple of changes in that the original braodcast had a clip of Shadowplay from Granada Reports whilst the UK Arena broadcast played the Unknown Pleasures version of New Dawn Fades over some black and white footage of a city that is either Manchester or supposed to be Manchester!

"Rock Family Trees - And God Created Manchester"
BBC TV Broadcast 9th October 1998

A 50 minute documentry on the origins of the Manchester punk scene and its offshoots basically turns in to a programme on Joy Division and New Order. The Buzzcocks, Smiths and Happy Mondays are also featured, but the main bulk of interviews cover the history of Joy Division. The three remaining members give probably their most honest and revealing interviews regarding their history, the death of Ian and the formation of New Order. Footage of "Shadowplay" from Altrincham 79 is aired, plus the usual clips from "Something Else".

Sex and Drugs and Ruck and Roll
UK Play (somewhere between 1998 and 2002)

This wasa ten part series featuring biographies of some of the world's biggest rock and pop icons covering artists like: U2 , Oasis, Madonna, and Joy Division. It was broadcast in the UK on a short-lived channel called UK Play.

The Joy Division episode included some interviews with Paul Morley, Vini Reilly, Tony Wilson, Barney Hoskyns, Arthur Baker, Alan McGhee and Pete Shelley which we think were shot especially for the program plus Steve Sutherland the former NME head honcho exploring half truths about Nazi connections and coming out with the rather surprising conclusion that young males liked Joy Division because a homo erotic attraction for Ian Curtis (!). Added to that were the usual clips from Here Are The Young Men, Granada Reports and Something Else, along with footage from the Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks, Durutti Column, UK Subs and the Exploited.

24 Hour Party People
Channel 4 (in the UK) 24th April 2002

A 50 minute TV programme to tie in with the release of the film

Click here for more info

Factory: Manchester from Joy Division To Happy Mondays
Broadcast 21st September 2007

90 minute TV programme about Factory records. The familiar stortyline follows the fortunes of Joy Division, New Order, Happy Mondays and the Hacienda. Interviews with Peter Saville, Section 25, Tony Wilson etc. Dedicated to Tony Wilson.