7" and magazine. Sordide Sentimental SS33022

French single in a fold out magazine style cover, with two inserts
Released March 1980
1578 numbered copies
Matrix number: SS33002
Recorded at Cargo Studios

Note: Many Sordide Sentimental releases came in a clear plastic bag with the Sordide Sentimental logo. However in 2009 Jean-Pierre Turmel stated that this was not the case for this particular release:

"The first copies of the Joy Division single (maybe around the first 1000) were sold WITHOUT a bag, and the last ones with a blank plastic bag (without any printing). We took this decision because we found this was a very fragile packaging. This is true also for the Throbbing Gristle "we hate you" single. I don't remember exactly when the the printed (with logo) appeared but it was posterior to the JD single".

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Dead Souls Atmosphere

There are several counterfeit copies of this release. Click here to find out how to tell them apart.