Short Circuit - Live At The Electric Circus 10" Compilation LP

Released 1978 on blue, black, and yellow vinyl. Promo version on orange vinyl.
This is a compilation album of live tracks from the Electric Circus 2nd October 1977 featuring one Joy Division track.

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The Fall Stepping Out
John Cooper Clarke (You Never See A Nipple In The) Daily Express
Joy Division At A Later Date
The Drones Persecution Complex
Steel Pulse Makka Splaff (The Colly Man)
John Cooper Clarke I Married A Monster From Outer Space
The Fall Last Orders
The Buzzcocks Time's Up

How to tell original UK copies (on vinyl) from UK reissues:

Orange vinyl promo:

Yellow vinyl version

It seems this came out on yellow vinyl too. We thought this was just people mistaking orange for yellow but we've been contacted by someone who's seen them side by side. On the other hand we've had people who can't tell if theirs is yellow or orange, or yellowy-orange. The yellow vinyl version must be rare as we've never seen one. Although we're told there were 5000 pressed. Go figure.

Free 7" single

CD Version:

· Made in the UK
· Catalogue number CDVCL 5003
· Probably released in the 1980s (?)

Pirate Version:

There was also a Greek 12" pirate copy of this release